Sunday, 19 December 2010

epiphany #1

i never feel lonely. not until i meet all the happy people in the world. all the people in love. you can see it in their eyes, that there's someone thinking of them at that very minute. that they're thinking of of someone. i had that. and it went away. i thought i had it again. just a thought. as fleeting as that one thought.

i was wrong. just as i am with most of the things that go through my my mind. it's one of the curses of having an overactive imagination, a proclivity to the romantic, and a soft heart. i fall hard! every time! no matter how many times.

unfortunately, i'm part of the clan that believes that love conquers all. beneath the cold, sometimes flippant exterior, i'd really like to have someone, just one person who thinks of me more than anyone else. selfish as it may be, that's how it is. i personally don't think it's too much for ask for. cos i'm willing to give that much.

but it seems like that just isn't enough. thats just too bad...

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